Animals have the right of way

Maximum speed limit is 50 KM/H

Driving only allowed on paved and gravel roads. Off road driving is strictly prohibited.

Fishing from the shore or within 8 km from the shore is prohibited.

DO NOT light a fire without prior permission from the authority.

DO NOT discard liter or cigarette butts anywhere other than the designated litter receptacles.

Please keep quiet when viewing the animals and keep a respectable distance away from them

Please do not race or chase the animals

Never feed the animals. This could upset their diet as well as lead to unnecessary dependence on people.

Please DO NOT damage or remove any flora or fauna.

Please DO NOT remove rocks, stones and/or any other materials from the natural habitat.

Please DO NOT disturb any of the archaeological sites.

In order to preserve a safe environment for the wildlife, we kindly ask you to dispose any food or beverage bins provided or carry it with you to the next station.

ALL GUESTS and VISITORS of Sir Bani Yas island are guests firstly of the United Arab Emirates and secondly of the unique and highly sensitive environment of the island. Please RESPECT both and always remember:


It is a privilege to be here and not a right!




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