Connect with Nature

A program by Emirates Nature - WWF and Husaak Adventures

About the program

Emirates Nature-WWF recognizes the imminent need for Emirati youth to reconnect to their natural heritage to preserve the land, seas, and biodiversity they stand to inherit. Together with The Environment Agency –Abu Dhabi (EAD), Emirates Nature-WWF is championing a special journey where youth discover the magic of nature around them and take ownership of the conservation knowledge and leadership skills required to uphold the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Connect with Nature is a federal programme loosely targeted towards Emirati youth aged 15 –24.

Extensive focus group research has identified most Emirati youth spend a minimal amount of time outside due to weather and social constraints and devote their time to web-based communication.In order to want to protect the natural environment, youth need to feel passionate about their natural heritage. To do this, they need to understand the importance of protecting these ecosystems by spending time connecting with the natural world. The programme engages youth in activities, chiefly outreach, citizen science, and online learning,around biodiversity, its threats and its challenges, driving them to think about their environment and their actions. This is achieved mainly through engaged partners who help bring this vision to life.

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Our next Adventure

The QubQub Kayak loop

The trip takes the participants in Abu Dhabi for a kayak experience or a full kayak and camp experience around a small island near Yas in a place that houses many small qubqubs and other juvenile fisheries. Enjoy kayaking in the canals surrounded by the mangrove trees and learn more about the wetland habitat and its significance in the world and the UAE specifically. Finally reach the island to face challenges with your friends in finding your camp resources, setting your tents, fire, preparing your own food and enjoying the company of new friends.

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