Hints of Paradise - Dhofar, Oman

For centuries we've known Arabia as a desert and forbidding environment. A vast and barren desert where little survives. But there is this one corner of Arabia where life thrives. A mountain range that raises dramatically 1000 meters from the ocean below. Once a year, this coast undergoes an amazing transformation. Making it home to more wild life to anywhere else in Arabia. We'd like to welcome you to the Dhofar Mountains.

Here, at the tip of Southern Arabia, lie two unique mountain ranges, Jebal Samhan and Jebal Qamar, extending all along the Indian Ocean coastline. Making it home to an amazing variety of wild life such as the Arabian Leopard, Hyenas, foxes, Eagles, dolphins and the endangered Arabian Humpback whale.

This trip is designed for all level of hikers from Easy to Advanced, as most of the advance steps depend on your appetite that day to continue the tough slopes or cut through the tropical seasonal rain forest. The trip starts in Salalah at 11 AM on Thursday, making our way to Jebal Samhan where you will be taken to see two of the world largest sink holes, this will require short hikes between 1 to 2 hours. Then the team will undertake another short cliff hike along the Southern face of Jebal Samhan, an easy but very scenic hike and perfect for photo opportunities. Depending on the weather that day, the team will either sleep inside a cave or on the plateau of Jebal Samhan where the clouds crash right below the camp site making it one of the most magical camp sites in Arabia.


The second day, the team will start making their way to Indian Ocean coastline, right between Yemen and Oman, there is a magical seasonal rain forest and a trail that cut right through it where the mountains are on one side, and the ocean waves are on the other side. The night will end on of the secluded beaches along the coastal trail. This hike can go for miles but it all depend on the endurance of the team and their ability to carry the full camp with them. The night will end with signature BBQ on the beach and good music from the ocean. The last day, the team will hike back to the vehicles and head back to Salalah with an expected time of arrival around 2-3 PM. 

Schedule: Thursday 10AM to Saturday 2 PM (Check our Calendar for individual trip times)

Meeting and drop-off at Salalah Rotana Resort

Inclusive of all food, transportation, camping and safety gear and guiding team