Jebal Shams Junior - Family trip - Oman

This trip is about planting the seeds for the future. It's about developing the next generation of explorers. It's about letting them experience sleeping under the stars early in their life, and about experiencing something now so they can care about it later.

This trip is also designed for parent to spend quality time with their children away from the materialistic world we live in and away from ipads and electronics.

The trip starts on Friday at 6 AM where the team of children and parent will travel to Jebal Shams, the team will arrive around 10 AM to start a balcony hike overlooking the Oman Grand Canyon. The hike should take about 4 hours and it is very defined and well marked. This is an easy hike for people who hiked before and moderate hike for those who never hiked before. The destination is a few thousand year old abandon village at the end of the trail.

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The team will head back to the camp where they will be spending the rest of the evening playing games around the camp fire. On Saturday, the team will take down the camp and head back to Muscat. The estimated time of arrival is around 12 PM.

Difficulty Level -  Moderate for first timers - easy for regular hikers
Danger level- low risk - easy hike.

Price - 150 kd for 1 person
Child age requirement : 8 to 14
Meeting point: Holiday Inn Seeb, Muscat, Oman

Provided: transportation from Muscat to the hike and back, all food, drinks, camping equipment

You need to bring: good shoes/boots, sleeping bag, heavy jacket, gloves, wool hat, thermal underwear, thick wool socks (weather can be very cold).

Each adult can only be accompanied by no more than 2 children.

Cellphones, ipod, ipad and all other electronics are prohibited for both adult and child during the trip.