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We're thrilled to announce the Ultimate Membership Program!!


Over the past 7 years, we've shown the world how Oman's tourist season is the entire year! We run our trips 47 weekends of the year (the only exception being the Holy Month of Ramadan).

Now, for only 699 OMR (553 KD) you can have fun with us every weekend! Hiking, caving, kayaking, canyoning and mountain biking. Basically, for the price of 3 trips, you're getting 47 weekends worth of fun!

There are a limited number of memberships released every year and they're based on first come, first served! You can choose any date to start your the membership, it doesn't have to be the date of purchase.

What's included

  1. You can join any of our pre-scheduled weekend Husaak trip in Oman for free (provided seats are available).
  2. You can have access to the center shower facilities on Thursday’s and Saturday’s if you are attending a trip with us.
  3. Airport shuttle is included for pick up and drop offs on Thursday and Saturday.
  4. 10% discount on private Husaak trips.
  5. 2 vouchers to Invite a friend for 50% off a Husaak trip (trip of 190 OMR or 150 KD).
  6. 10% off Husaak international trips.
  7. 10% off Husaak merchandise.
  8. 50% off Theme trips, Eid trips and New Years trip.

What's not included

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  1. Theme trips, Eid and New Year's trips are not included but are 50% off for members.
  2. Events & Challenges
  3. Long Duration & Specialized Trips (Longer than 1 weekend)

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