Hills of Mars (Al Ula, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Al-`Ula is a city 380 km north of Medina in north-western Saudi Arabia. Al-Ula was historically located on the Incense route. It was the capital of the ancient Lihyanites (Dedanites). It is well known for archaeological remnants, some over 2000 years old.
The older the history, the better the story. The Hills of Mars trip take you into the heart of the Arabian Peninsula’s history. This is pre Islam kingdoms of Dedan, the Lihyan, the Arabs and to the recent history of the Othman empire.

Almost like walking around the red planet mars, the terrain of Al Ula is the closest to be described as walking in Mars and that’s where the name Hills of Mars comes from.
The meeting point is in Al Madina airport, after a 3 hours’ drive we will set up camp in the desert and sleep under the stars after a round of introduction and good food. The next day, the team will head to Mada’en Saleh (from the same age as the Petra in Jordan but 10 times bigger!). In the afternoon the team will set for a hike between the hills and reach a viewing plateau where the full view of the Hills of Mars can be seen. The team will head back to camp through a night hike under the stars or the moonlight where good food and music is waiting again. On Saturday, the team will head back to Medina to catch their flights.

This trip is considered a light hike and easy level and highly recommended for people who never been to the outdoors. Also, this is a mixed gender trip and will be supported by the Tourism Authority of Al Ula.

Where: Al Ula, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Meeting poing: Al Madina Airport
Price: 250 KD

Difficulty Level: Easy, light hikes, scenic views and perfect for photographers
Danger Level: Safe.