Our vision is to take the Arabian peninsula to the next level of adventure tourism. We aim to accomplish this by rebranding the region as a world-renowned adventure tourism destination. We'll accomplish this by creating an array of year-round outdoor activities, destinations and events covering all from the desert of Abu Dhabi to the mountains of Dhofar and everything in between.

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Rebranding OMAN as an internationally renowned adventure destination. This level change will happen by repositioning Oman as year-round outdoor destination, and by creating a calendar of events that cover Oman from North to South, starting from the Hajar mountains to the Dhofar mountains with everything in between.

This vision is in line with Oman’s strategy to create a new stream of income from adventure tourism,  and  with the overall rising culture of fitness and health in the region.

Over the past 6 years,  we at Husaak Adventures have served more than 6000 adventurers from all over the Gulf, and have succeeded in making Oman the main Adventure travel destination for GCC nationals. Thus the objective is to get Oman recognized a the world-class Adventure Travel destination.