Who is husaak

Hi, my name is Ali Khalil Husain, I was trained to be a petroleum engineer but born to be an explorer. Welcome to my country...it’s called planet Earth. I have been exploring this planet since I was 17 years old and now I would like to share this experience with you.

I was born in a small land North East of the Arabian Peninsula called Kuwait. I left it as a teenager and have been exploring the world ever since. I've lived in many different parts of the world, mainly around salty water and rugged majestic mountains. Along the way, I've worked in the energy exploration business in Alaska and the Arctic before coming back to the Arabian Peninsula to explore the untouched surface and the rich subsurface.

When I came back, I saw challenges facing our society. Our younger generations seemed to have few real goals. Our lives were an endless loop of materialism and unproductive behavior. Obesity is increasing, health problems are rising, substance abuse is spreading and society as a whole was suffering because of it. A lot of this seemed to me to be a result of youth having no clear goals and very little to inspire them.

I am a believer that whenever there is a challenge, there is an opportunity to fix things. The big question was how we could introduce discipline, leadership and life goals into the new generation, and do this in an attractive and fun way.  

I've always believed that nature is a great place for people to find themselves. And when you combine nature and physical challenge, you have a powerful tool to bring people together. At first, I found the outdoors here were untouched, the definition of going camping is more of a picnic with all the comfort of home, including electrical generators and even TVs and satellite dishes. The deeper outdoors in Arabia were always left virgin, there are rugged mountains and beautiful lush wadis, majestic caves and deep sink holes. But everyone is so busy chasing day to day life in the cities across the GCC.  So I started this campaign through my Instagram page by posting photos from beautiful places right in our back yard, I posted a picture a day and started to attract people’s attention. Most of the photos were from the Omani mountains and Wadis. This initiative started to attract enthusiastic youth of the region to start exploring our land and start a new community, a community of explorers. Some were thriving to explore places they never thought existed in their land, and some where there to explore themselves.  

In 2013 when this became a concept, I had 19 people joining my trips throughout the whole year and it was just a small group that kept coming back. By the end of 2014, I had close to 250 people from all across the gulf  coming together and meeting other explorers. In the first quarter of 2015, my team has guided close to 200 people in Oman alone. New concepts in Abu Dhabi and Tanzania were launched as well as a reconnaissance trip to Antarctica to explore new prospects for the future. Several more International expeditions are planned this year, one in Alaska and the Arctic and more to Tanzania later in the year. The concept is expanding and the team is growing, more people are joining the trips, some to challenge themselves, some to meet some like-minded new friends and some simply to take a break from the materialistic life we live.

My team and I, a group of thirsty explorers, are looking at expanding into international expeditions to charter the uncharted and to go to places where others have feared to go in the past. We're part of a growing adventure travel society across the planet. We will take you to places that you never knew existed,  some are right in our own backyard and others are far away, farther than any place you've likely been to on this planet. The prospect is big, and the planet is lonely, so join us today to be part of our outdoor family.