The Dancing Flamingo

See Abu Dhabi like you never seen it!


No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced
— David Attenborough

With more than 110 square Km of Mangroves in Abu Dhabi, the objective of this challenge is to bring awareness to the unique biodiversity system of the AD mangroves. The mangroves of AD are the last remaining safe ground for several fish species, sea birds,

sea snakes and turtles in this desert. In addition to the mangroves role in climate change, the mangroves played a big role in the survival of the early Abu Dhabians and their national heritage where it was a source of food, fuel and was used for building houses and ships.


What is The Dancing Flamingo?

A Kayak challenge through the great Grey mangroves of AD, starting at the Eastern Mangroves and ending at Saadiyat mangroves.

When? Feb 24, 2017

Participants: 100 Pax

Why are we doing The Dancing Flamingo Challenge? 

1.Introduce the Environmental and Historical aspects of the importance of the AD mangroves to its habitat.
2.Make GCC nationals and residents aware of the beauty of the Abu Dhabi Mangroves and how to conserve it. 

The Dancing Flamingo in a Nutshell

  1. The event will take place in the AD Eastern and Saadiyat mangroves. Start point is Seahawk launching pad in the Eastern Mangroves and ends in an isolated Mangroves camp in Saadiyat island.

  2. The challenge is about 25 KM through variety of mangroves forests.

  3. You can always stop the race at any exit point - There are 3 exit points 

  4. There will be guides along the way with Jet Skies for rescue and marking the way.

  5. Boat for immediate evacuation to shore and luggage transportation.

  6. Challenge will start at 9 AM and ends at 6 PM.

  7. The challenge end point is an island and there is a camp to sleep over. The return is on Saturday the 25th in the morning. 

  8. BBQ and music will follow afterward in the camp.

  9. 1 Package only 1850 AED – Full Event with overnight stay (Review the schedule below). 


What is provided by Husaak?

  1. Kayak, Paddles, Life Jackets
  2. Water/Snacks along the way. 
  3. Camp and entertainment (Music and fire)
  4. Dinner on Friday night 
  5. Large evacuation boats and jet skies for rescue. 
  6. Flamingo Welcome Package (T-shirt, wet bag, small towel, map) 
  7. Breakfast and water taxi back to shore on Saturday. 

What do you need to bring?

  1. Sunscreen/sunglasses
  2. change of cloths - you can wear swim cloths during the kayak. 
  3. Your personal items will go to the island ahead of you. 
Table: The Dancing Flamingo trip schedule 

Table: The Dancing Flamingo trip schedule 

The Dancing Flamingo Plan over 4 phases 

The Dancing Flamingo Plan over 4 phases 

A closer look at the race points 

A closer look at the race points