Your gateway to Adventure

Located on 18th of November Street in the Ghubra district of Muscat, the Husaak Center Muscat is the launching point for a large variety of destinations around Muscat. From Jebal Shams to Ras AlHadd and everything in between, the Center is the perfect launch point to your next adventure.


This is where a lot of our trips start from. Husaak Center Muscat has everything you need to prepare for your trip with us

  • A place to relax before the trip

  • Equipment Sales an Rental

  • Briefing room to get you all set for the trip

  • Showers for before and after the adventure

  • A hostel if you’d like to spend a night before or after the trip

  • Airport Shuttle service available on request


It all started here

Back when we started in 2013, the first “Husaak Center” was Ali’s Garage. Everyone would meet there and head out to that weekend's destination. Once back, everyone would help unload the gear back into the garage, wash the cars, take a quick shower and head home or to the airport.