The Snow Leopard Expedition – Mongolia

Mongolia is a gigantic outdoor park with scattered settlements, a few dirt roads, an immense steppe, mountains, and forests.  The self-sufficient Snow Leopard expedition takes you through some of the most remote parts of Central and Northern Mongolia. From sunsets at Ghenghis Khan’s steppe to the blue sky of the Siberian forest, the team will travel nearly 2500 km off road capturing nature, beauty, genuine culture and hospitality. The two week journey into the heartland of Asia can be summarized in three words: a man, a horse and a river. Mongolia has much more to offer and remains the last wilderness frontier in Central Asia.

At the top of the Mongolian Taiga and at the Russian/Mongolian border, lives the Reindeer Herders (AKA Tsaatan people). The Tsataan family’s entire existence is around the Reindeer population. There are only 300 Tsaatan in total left spread across 100,000 sq km of harsh, mountainous and cold Siberian land.  In the Snow Leopard expedition we will attempt to visit the Reindeer herders. They live in such a remote land that access is limited to horses only.

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