The Executive Team


 Ali Husain


Ali was trained to be a petroleum engineer, but born to be an explorer. He left Kuwait at the age of 17 and have been exploring this planet ever since. He’s now sharing that experience with you.

Ali lived in many different parts of the world, mainly around salty water and rugged majestic mountains. Along the way, he spent 11 years working in the energy exploration business in Alaska and the Arctic before coming back to the Arabian Peninsula to explore the untouched surface and the rich subsurface.

Ali started his career in the oil industry working for bp exploration in Alaska and the Arctic. He progressed around the world working ion Oman, off shore Abu Dhabi and Kuwait. In 2013, he left the oil industry and his job as the Petroleum Engineering Manager for the world 5th largest oil field to focus on Husaak Adventures in 2013.


Khalid Jaffar

Khalid met Ali on one of the very first husaak trips in Oman, and he's been coming back ever since. A film and TV commercial producer by profession, Khalid's background has taken him from the world of finance through to advertising, with a stops in software development along the way. Expeditions to find new and exciting destinations is what Khalid enjoys the most, especially when there's rope or rock climbing involved in getting there. "Being part of this concept and seeing the very real impact it's having on people's lives has been such a gratifying experience for me"

A member of the Executive Committee and the group's Media Director, Khalid feels most at home hanging off the side of a cave wall, camera in hand, waiting for that perfect shot.


Saleh Dashti

Saleh is an entrepreneur and an explorer by heart. Saleh and Ali have been camping together since they were children. Since 2008, Saleh has been Ali’s partner in exploring such amazing places as Alaska, Mongolia, Jordan and Southern Arabia. These trips have formed the basis of the existing Husaak expeditions.

Saleh is currently part of the Executive Team and the General Manager of all Oman operations. Saleh brings leadership and discipline to the team. He will be working toward growing and expanding the Oman expeditions to serve more thirsty explorers and adventurers.


 Ahmed Al Naime

Ahmed is a Petroleum Engineer from Abu Dhabi and his love for the outdoors is connected with his passion for geology in his work. As John Muir said" Going to the mountains is like going home". Ahmed and Ali’s love for the outdoors started way back in college in the heart of the Rocky Mountains during their college studies as Petroleum Engineers at the Colorado School of Mines. Ahmed truly enjoys guiding with the husaak team in the expeditions and adventures in Oman and the UAE. Ahmed has reconnected with Ali in 2008 to explore the beautiful surface and the rich subsurface of Arabia. When asked why he leaves the comfort of his own home to be out in the rugged mountains he explains, “The greatness of organizing these trips is to have amazing friendships with people who never thought to experience the beauty of doing something new in modernized Arabia. It is a sensation that cannot be measured except with the smiles you note on people’s faces.”


Arwa Abulhasan

Arwa has been a lover of the outdoors since she was a teenager. She skipped luxurious family vacations to go camping, diving, and hiking all over the world. Having lived in the US, Chile, France, and Tanzania, she had the chance to explore many different countries and cultures in great depth. After marrying Ali, they continued to explore the world together, focusing on Alaska and Arabia. She is now Husaak’s guide to Tanzania and is helping develop other international expeditions for the adventurous customer. Her favorite moment while guiding in Tanzania is to look at her customer’s awe struck faces when they encounter their first fierce lion. “Karibu Sana to Tanzania and to Husaak Adventures.”


 The Guides

Hasan Al Hashmi

Hasan Al Hashmi was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, a petroleum engineer by profession an outdoor & offroad enthusiast by passion. His love for the outdoors started in the middle of UAE's desert where offroading & desert crossing became his sanctuary to escape the city life, enjoy the company of like minded people while boiling a Karak tea pot.

Summiting Jabel Shams in 2013 was a turning point where another concept of outdoor life was experienced and from that point onward that new passion grew significantly within Hasan's heart leading him to seek and hike the heights in and out of The Arabian Peninsula


Khalfan Almansoori

Combining his love for outdoor physical activities and his passion for geoscience, Khalfan couldn’t be happier to join Husaak Team. Khalfan holds a Bachelor degree in Petroleum Geoscience Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. His other eye (the one not looking out for Oil prices) is often on Husaak trips announcements for exploring the world. Setting up camp miles from anywhere is his best kind of adventure. To him, it is all about experiencing something new, challenging yourself, learning and broadening your perspective.



Wafiya Aloqab

After a life changing hike that lasted 11 hours under the full moon, Wafiya was awakened by the wonders of nature and the power of the mountains. Ever Since, she found her peace and happiness hiking mountains and sleeping under the stars. "It feels like home."

The enthusiastic Kuwaiti/Japanese is polishing her skills in ninjitsu, pursuing her graduate studies in environmental sciences and is a researcher in EPA. She is also the team admin, managing trip announcements and registration. If you are wondering who is talking you into signing up in trips, it's her.


Mohammad Almaziad


I went from a normal city traveler to a person who can’t live away from the outdoors. It all started when I joined Husaak for my first outdoors experience back in January 2016. I used to live in Boston from 2013 to 2018 where the temperature can reach -30c during winter time. Coming from that harsh cold environment, I appreciated Arabia and its nature even more. I like the beauty of outdoors and camping because I can pretty much decide what I want to do; be it the bonfire and tents in the desert, a hike in the mountains, a trip to a massive cave or a spectacular beach view.
Besides the love of outdoors I am obsessed with food, I am super innovative with the dishes I cook with very limited resources. I have a bachelors degree in Economics and a high diploma in Event Management.


Faisal Al Dossary


Faisal Al Dossary Aka the Runner was born in Saudi Arabia but spent half of his life living in different countries form the west to the east. By profession a chemical engineer working for Saudi Aramco and by passion a runner who loves the outdoors. His love for the outdoors started in the mountains and valleys of japan where he got his bachelor’s degree.

His passion to the outdoors grew significantly on his first trip to Jabel shams in 2016 where it broke him physically but uplifted him mentally as he stood on that summit and felt the connection with the rest of world. Faisal’s dream is to reach the 7 summits and to inspire others to seek their goals. To him, it is all about opportunities and the need to catch them, by physically and mentally challenging yourself and saying goodbye to your comfort zone.