The Falls of Tiwi

Pools of emerald waters, old villages and lush green plantations. Welcome to Arabia’s paradise and the closest to a rain forest you can get to.  Villages have settled with lush plantations and a road has been built all the way to Mibam the cliffs are straight and impressive that gives a feeling you are in Jurassic park and a dinosaurs will be found just around the corner.

As usual, the trip starts on Thursday afternoon and the first night camp is high up in the impressive Salmah Plateau above the clouds. In the summer, this is a cool place to camp and in the winter the plateau could be freezing. On Friday, the team will head down to the Wadi and start the hike after a hot breakfast. The Wadi walk will take around 4-5 hours dependent on the speed of the team. It will end by the village with 3 impressive waterfalls.

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At night the team will head to Ras Al Had where they will meet Fayel the turtle man where you will see green turtles coming to the beach and laying their eggs. In the morning, a boat ride to swim along side of the green turtles in the Arab Sea.

Where: Wadi Tiwi & Ras Al Had

Price: 200 KD

Schedule: Thursday 4PM to Saturday 2 PM (Check our Calendar for individual trip times)

Meeting and drop-off at the Husaak Center Muscat

Inclusive of all food, transportation, camping and safety gear and guiding team

Difficulty Level: Easy to Medium depend on your fitness level. Water jumps, last climb require good heart
Danger Level: Safe, Wadi walk but you need to know how to swim.