7th Hole - Oman - (Caving)

7th Hole May 5 2017.jpg

This is the ultimate challenge and the most adventurous trip in the husaak adventures portfolio. The trip takes you beyond normal human limits, into the heart of the earth. This cave has been untouched for millions of years, until climbing gear technology allowed humans to be able to go into it. Only a few hundred people have ever gone through this cave in the entire time it’s existed on this planet. The 7th hole trip will take you about 400 feet under the surface, into one of the world’s largest chambers. The sights are amazing and the skills to be learned on this trip are even more amazing.

The trip starts on Thursday, early morning to the top of the Salmah Plateau where you’ll get a full day of training on using the caving equipment. At sun down, the team will have dinner, chill for the rest of the evening and prepare for the day ahead.

On Friday morning, the team will start the decent down the cave through the first drop of about 100 ft and then another drop of roughly 200 ft. Then through small ups and downs to get to the main chamber, where we’ll rest and have lunch. The team will spend the rest of the afternoon climbing back to the surface.

The team will head down the mountain to a Wadi where they will spend the rest of the night chilling and enjoying a well earned steak dinner. On Saturday the team will head back The expected time of arrival to Muscat is around 12 PM.


Difficulty Level - Extremely Challenging 

Danger level- high, abseiling into deep chambers, climbing 60 m and 30 m cliffs caving, Require high level of endurance.

Price - 300 KD per person
Full payment is due within 48 hours of signup

Schedule: Thursday 7AM to Saturday 2 PM (Check our Calendar for individual trip times)

Meeting and drop-off at the Husaak Center Muscat

Provided: transportation from Muscat to the hike, all food, drinks, camping gear, training and equipment.

Note 1: There is a training course that will take place on Thursday where you will be taught how to use the caving equipment. The final decision to whether you are fit to descend the cave after the training is in the hands of the guide and instructor. This is for your own safety as any mistake in this trip could be fatal.

Note 2: we will provide you with a set of caving equipment and we will teach you how to use them. Once you are going up or down the rope, you will be on your own but there will always be someone at the top to receive you and at the bottom to belay you.

You need to bring: good boots with ankle support preferably, sleeping bag, change of clothes, headlights x2

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