The Arabian Leopard Challenge
September 28-30, 2017

Whether you are a competitive runner or ultra-marathon competitor looking for a unique challenge, or a beginner looking to experience the beauty of nature at your own pace, this will be a fun experience for all.  This is a chance for people of all ages and fitness levels to run/walk down Jebal Samhan at their own speed with the presence of experience Husaak guides and medical support.

Jebal Samhan in Dhofar is a mountain that rises dramatically more than a 1000 meters above the Indian Ocean. Once a year this mountain undergoes an amazing transformation making it home to more wild life than anywhere else in Arabia. Join us on this 50 km run/walk/hike downhill from the top of Jebal Samhan to the Indian ocean. You will learn about the rich wild life and unique eco-systems along the path with our knowledge partner EWS-WWF, unique Jabali culture, and see one of the world’s largest sink-holes. The challenge will end with a stay at the 5 stars beach resort Salala Rotana.

This event is open for everyone regardless of your fitness level. You can be a super athlete aiming for the full 50 KM running or a nature lover who wants to walk and take photos. There are exit points every 5 KM.  

Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Dhofar, Oman. It has an area of 4,500 square kilometers (1,700 sq. miles) and has no permanent population. It is one of the last places with wild Arabian leopards.

The reserve is one of the last refuges for the Arabian leopard. The most important prey species are Arabian gazelle, Nubian ibex, Cape hare, rock hyrax, Indian crested porcupine, desert hedgehog and several bird species. Occasionally they might prey on domestic livestock. Other predators, which are found in the reserve, include caracal, striped hyena and Arabian wolf.

For Arabian Leopard Challenge registration click on the link below:

For questions you can contact us on

For live support you can contact us on WhatsApp +96599635414

Registration & Fees: 

•Leopard Package:  (200 KD or 250 OMR, 2500 AED, 2500 SAR, 250 BD, 2500 QR )

First Night: “Thursday night”: CLOUD CAMP Single or shared tents with multiple people or outdoor cot (your sleeping bag) and shared outdoor community bathroom at the top of Jebal Samhan.

Second Night “Friday night”: Stay at Salala Rotana 5 stars beach resort in a deluxe room (Double occupancy, you will be sharing the room with a person who you might not know). All rooms will have 2 separate beds unless requested otherwise in the booking.

(Package includes transportation from and back to Salala Airport, lodging at our OUTDOOR CLOUDS CAMP for Thursday & stay in a 5 stars resort on Friday night, food and beverages for the entire stay. Details on F&B below. 

To get a day pass, contact us on WhatsApp +965 99635414

Food & Beverage:

  • Grills will be served Thursday night & and buffet on Friday nights.
  • Light breakfast will be served Friday & full breakfast on Saturday morning.
  • Lunch/Snack bag will be provided at the stations along the way for all challenge participants on Friday

Meeting Point:

Salalah Airport


What’s the #TheArabianLeopardChallenge? It’s an easy but long run/walk through the diverse eco-system of Jebal Samhan, a combination run/walks through dirt roads, pavement and sand starting from the top of Jebal Samhan to the soft sand of the Indian ocean.

Fitness Level Required? Open for all including families (8+).

What will you see along the way?

  1. The Clouds Camp
  2. You can visit a Jabali family 
  3. Edge of the world cave
  4. Tawi Attair sink hole
  5. Baobab forest
  6.  Anti-gravity road
  7. The Indian Ocean

What do you need to bring?


  • Running Shoes
  • Headlight with batteries.
  • Sleeping bag- (Sleeping Matt will be helpful)

Nice to have:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun screen
  • Camera
  • Hat/Bandana
  • Towel/swimming cloths 
  • Pair of sandals or walking shoes for the camp
  • External chargers
  • Light rain jacket
  • Jacket/Sweaters/Fleece

We will provide you as part of the package: 

You will be provided with a small backpack with:

  • Water/snacks and lunch will be provided along the stations. 
  • Wild life expert to explain about the variety of species living in the area. 
  • Basic Map of Jebal Samhan and the attraction around it.
  • Emergency contacts card.
  • Challenge T-shirt



2:00 PM – 1st bus leaving Salala Airport – Estimated time of Arrival to camp 4 PM

4:00 PM – 2nd bus leaving Salala Airport – Estimated time of Arrival to camp 6 PM

6:00 PM – 3rd bus leaving Salala Airport – Estimated time of Arrival to camp 8 PM

8:00 PM – 4th bus leaving Salala Airport – Estimated time of Arrival to camp 10 PM

Dinner will be served at 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM.

Chill and relax around the fire.


5:00 AM wake up and have breakfast – Get ready for the race.

6:30 AM Start of the race – Follow the table for the stations closing time.

Fruit snacks will be available at stations.

Lunch sandwiches will be available at stations 5-10 starting at 12 noon.

There will be a map of attractions along the way for things you can see or do if you stop or if you are slow.

2 PM buses to go to salala Rotana resot from finish point.

7:30 PM last bus heading to Salala.

7:30 Dinner and chill


7 AM wake up and have breakfast.

9 AM First departure by buses – Last departure of buses will be 11 AM

11 AM to 1 PM back to Salala airport depend on what bus you catch and the traffic.

Be ready for the journey back to take longer since this is monsoon and roads are very crowded or foggy.



Have questions? Contact us here or whatsapp +96599635414