Snake Canyon - Oman

Snake Canyon, part of the greater Wadi Bani Awf region, is Oman’s largest natural water park. This trip takes you through a crack between two mountains, where rushing water has cut right through, leaving behind smooth, colorful rocks with plenty of water pools. The trip isn’tdifficult, but does require a strong heart and no fear of jumps. The canyon can be as wide as30 feet and as narrow as 2 feet, in some parts. It normally takes about 4-5 hours to cut through it.

The trip starts on Thursday around 4 PM from Muscat and the team will head to camp 1 at the top of Snake canyon, where we’ll have a warm meal and sit and chill around the camp fire. On Friday the team will head to the base of the wadi and enter Snake Canyon. The trip takes about 4-5 hours and has many jumps and climbs to do along the way. Once the trip through the canyon is over, the team will head up the Jebal Shams range and will stop at a cliff point about 7000 ft above sea level where they will spend the night after having the famous juicy steak dinner.

On Saturday, the team will head back through Nizwa with a quick stop in our new addition the Dark Room Cave. The expected time of arrival to Muscat about 1 PM.

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Difficulty Level - Easy to medium
Danger level- low to medium risk, confident swimming is required, some technical descents, rope might be used for support and jumping into water pools is required.

Price - 200 KD per person
Full payment is due within 48 hours of signup

Schedule: Thursday 4PM to Saturday 2 PM (Check our Calendar for individual trip times)

Meeting and drop-off at the Husaak Center Muscat

Provided: Transportation from Muscat to the hike and back, all food, drinks, safety & camping gear.

You need to bring: good shoes/boots, sleeping bag, waterproof bag.

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